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CAE: Differences of the middle row in

Enterprise Collaborative for PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and ERP opposite from each other become more complementary, today, the simulation of the PLM technology has become more and more camp coordination and synergy of ideas is the core of CAE platform. Of course, in the CAD (computer aided design), CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) technologies such as convergence of today, CAE (Computer Aided Engineering Analysis) technology is in the front line in requesting different.

CAE platform development path

For now, the design drawing tools and verification of software integration has become a trend, and in this backdrop, CAE platform of the concept came into being. "Design and analysis of the integration of verification that we do PERA (Enterprise Collaborative Development Platform) the most original mind." Yasuyo said Tian Feng, vice president of Asia Pacific.

In fact, the design and verification was originally one, are we artificially split, and designer paint, analysts do validation, which generated a lot of disadvantages, also affected the working efficiency; also led to some people may issues, such as designers and analysts are often in conflict.

It is due to such problems, and because the user with such needs - the two merged, so that designers can do analysis, so analysts can soon put the design of some adjustments before CAE platform emerged of the development.

However, as a complete collaborative platform for CAE speaking, only the design and verification of collaboration is not enough, this is only a very small part of the collaboration, it was only a small step in technology integration. On technology integration, the coordination of the simulation should also include the integration of CAE simulation, CAD and CAE technology integration, CAE integration between the technologies. In addition, collaborative scope of the concept should be broader.

"In the CAE simulation of platform, the most important thing is collaboration. First of all, the joint is, because people belonging to different disciplines, using different tools to produce different data, a person needs someone to do a job He data, even after he finished his work to provide data to others. So, in coordination problems, interpersonal collaboration, collaborative departments, disciplines and discipline coordination, collaboration tools and instruments, and data and the synergy between the data, which are platform-oriented content, but also we have to solve the coordination problem. "Security World Asia-Pacific Chief Engineer Meilin Tao said.

Therefore, the enterprise simulation platform should not only face of a department or a working group should be enterprise-class platform. Differences of the characteristics of CAE simulation technology for this collaboration more difficult, but despite facing many challenges, but the platform for the development of the road has begun.

How to seize the heart of SMEs?

The CAE's technology, currently mainly used in large enterprises, but SMEs have gradually started to become a CAE vendor next research focus. Which the coexistence of large and small, is an important manifestation of Differences of one of CAE.

In essence, CAE is used to promote enterprise R & D, and for the more complex products, research and development up the more difficult, while the CAE is to solve these problems, so many people called the product development engine for CAE .

It is because of the more complex products, the stronger the demand of the CAE, so large enterprises became the main battlefield of the CAE. Of course, for small and medium enterprises, their time conducting independent research and development products, the product is more simple, but, in the theoretical methods and experience with the judge or the judge can not decide when performance also requires use of CAE technology. Speaking from the CAE technology itself, the complex is suitable for the same time, a simple product is even more applicable. Only for simple products, we tend to experience a simple theoretical method to judge or to do a number of decisions, so there CAE SMEs in the procurement of certain avoidance.

Faced with this situation, in order to further promote the CAE in the small and medium enterprises would have a better model, product prices and functions to be more suited to the actual situation of SMEs. An Feng Tian, vice president of the World Asia Pacific, said: "We are in the development of platform technologies, while CAE will also develop some simple and practical CAE technology to meet the needs of SME development CAE technology."

In addition, because SMEs do not invest in CAE simulation, so be very careful when purchasing technology, when staff and services is particularly important, if this can not be a good support, SMEs are less likely to adoption of such technology.

Currently, China's science and engineering university students are using CAE technology and personnel training so basically solved the majority of SMEs to worry about. Therefore, the advice and services have become the key to security on the World Asia-Pacific chief engineer Meilin Tao said: "The increase in the breadth of services for the SMB market is very important breakthrough. After 10 years we have accumulated many of its services into a process-based approach things, that do not rely on high-end CAE staff to do technical support, entry-level engineers can do this sort of technology services

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COSTIND speed up the establishment of a modern shipbuilding mode guidance

May 12, 2006 Third Secretary Science and Industry [2004] No. 1470
All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities shipbuilding industry management, all the group:
To speed up the pace of a modern shipbuilding mode to enhance the level of shipbuilding technology and enhance industrial competitiveness in the international shipbuilding industry to promote sustained, rapid, coordinated and healthy development, the following comments.

A full understanding of the establishment of the strategic significance of the modern shipbuilding mode
Intermediate products of modern shipbuilding model is based on the basic features of organization of production to final assembly of ship models, mainly by the overall optimization of the ship, facing the production of design techniques, balanced continuous processes, rigorous project management and efficient fine rational organization of production, etc. constitute the basic elements. Modern shipbuilding mode is to increase productivity, reduce shipbuilding cycle, an important means of improving economic performance is also an effective way. Faced with an increasingly tough international competition, China's shipbuilding industry to the world shipbuilding power in the process of forging ahead goal, only to face more intense competition in Japan and Korea, but will also undergo changes in the market, material and equipment prices and exchange rate changes and a series of risk test. Accelerate the establishment of modern shipbuilding mode is the shipbuilding industry to take a new road to industrialization strategy choice is directly related to survival and development of China's shipbuilding enterprises an urgent task. The group, fully aware of the relevant enterprises should establish the significance of modern shipbuilding, and to adopt effective measures to accelerate the establishment of a modern shipbuilding mode.

Second, guidelines and goals
(A) guidelines
To uphold a modern shipbuilding mode to consolidate, expand, pragmatic, innovative approach. Consolidation is to consolidate the shipbuilding mode conversion has been made in the initial results, the original "transfer mode" work based on the goal of advancing to a higher stage; extension is to enable the establishment of the modern shipbuilding mode from the technical aspects of the system, mechanism level expansion, from shipbuilding to the design institutes and manufacturers to extend collaboration; pragmatic, is to do solid work, and put in place to establish the effectiveness of the implementation of modern shipbuilding mode to reduce shipbuilding cycle, increase productivity and economic performance; innovation is to the establishment of the modern shipbuilding model as an important part of technology innovation, through the creation of modern shipbuilding mode, and comprehensively promote technological innovation, management innovation and system innovation.
(B) goals
By 2010, the key shipbuilding enterprises to intermediate products and establish the basic characteristics of the organization of production assembly model shipbuilding, shipbuilding cycle close to the international advanced level, the production efficiency significantly close the gap with Japan and South Korea. By 2015, China's shipbuilding industry to establish a comprehensive model of modern shipbuilding, shipbuilding cycle and productivity close to or reached the international advanced level.

Third, the basic direction and overall requirements
(A) of the basic direction
1, persist in the direction of Shipbuilding. To abandon the traditional "large", "small and complete" business model, a social assembly of large-scale collaborative business model. In the old plant modification or new plant construction, assembly must be determined in accordance with the requirements of shipbuilding, optimize production processes, the rational allocation of resources, make full use of social collaboration network, the development of specialized intermediate goods production, ship building and improving the assembly system.
2, adhere to the direction of managing fine. We should be fine design, fine management and fine production, strengthening the basis of data management, carry out capacity assessment, implementation of the design cost control and improve the accuracy of the project, eliminating inefficiencies and waste of resources, to achieve balanced and orderly beat production.
3, adhere to the direction of information integration. We should vigorously strengthen the shipbuilding enterprise information construction of the project, an integrated optimization as the goal, digital, network and database technology as a means to CIMS system as the core, the establishment of enterprise information sharing platform, and improving communication and coordination to achieve business resources to promote the design, production, management, integration and shell, outfitting, coating operations integration.
(B) the general requirements
Establish the general requirements of modern shipbuilding mode is changed, three of the two combined, that is, starting from the transformation of production systems, shipbuilding, to promote Shipbuilding, management and information integration into fine focus, combined with business reality, combined with product carriers, and promote establishment of a modern shipbuilding mode of in-depth development. Shipbuilding production system reform is to establish the basic premise of modern shipbuilding mode, only to break the tradition of the irrational production system in order to ensure the establishment of the modern shipbuilding mode smooth; Shipbuilding, management refined, information integration is the modern shipbuilding mode main form, reflecting the establishment of the basic direction of modern shipbuilding mode; combined business practice, combined with product carriers is to establish an effective method of modern shipbuilding mode, and only under specific conditions of their different businesses, a product carrier, in practice, continuous improvement and perfection to ensure the establishment of a modern shipbuilding mode is implemented.

Fourth, the implementation of key points
(A) assembly into the main line, promote the transformation of shipbuilding production system
1, reasonable to determine the depth of corporate assembly. Assembly in accordance with the requirements of shipbuilding, from the ability to maximize their core resources and taking advantage of shipbuilding, the capacity of the region of social resources. To reduce costs, shorten cycle target ship, through technical and economic analysis, a clear corporate assembly area to be outsourced intermediate products through collaboration, streaming out as much as possible to enable enterprises to focus on in final assembly, to increase production scale and specialization level.
2, the main processes of the assembly process reengineering. Intermediate products to finished products in accordance with the advancement of the principles and processes to optimize production processes, the establishment of sub-assembly-line production line; be in accordance with the flat, the principle of unified management, optimization of management processes, eliminate ineffective management areas, management of range contraction, reducing management level, changing the traditional division of labor according to the professional and efficient management, coordination and streamlining management. To attach great importance to the structure, mechanism of change, determined to eliminate the institutional establishment of the modern shipbuilding mode, mechanism constraints, to establish and adapt to modern shipbuilding shipbuilding production management system and operation mechanism.
3, intermediate products to promote specialized production. The establishment of a reasonable layout of factory specialization and cooperation among products, such as steel processing center, sub-manufacturing center, pipe processing center, processing center superstructure, the module processing center, through the assembly plant and a number of dynamic coalition formation plant specialization and cooperation, build effective The assembly shipbuilding system, the formation of shipbuilding industry supporting industries. Meanwhile, we should ship supporting enterprise system into the assembly shipbuilding, marine propulsion assembly supporting enterprises and synchronized development of shipbuilding.
4, the development of bulk ship. According to rational division of labor, dislocation competition, combined with the specific conditions of the shipbuilding business, promote product structure adjustment, by focusing on development, cultivate the market, competitive, distinctive, cost-effective standardized leading products, and gradually form specialized mass production, ship building is conducive to assembly of the product mix and brand products.
(B) the deepening of the design, to provide for the establishment of a modern shipbuilding mode support
1, design capability. Jia Jiang ship development and optimization, master core technologies and product specific requirements, improve the rational design of and the correct rate, reduce the production of drawings Xiugai and rework, to ensure the planned implementation of the reliability and smooth operation of the production process. Should pay attention to the construction of the ship product database, designed to promote information sharing, reduce duplication, to improve the design quality and shorten design cycles and create good conditions.
2, deepening the contract design. Design to full implementation of the contract design cost management, from the source control shipbuilding costs. Efforts to promote the design moves forward, the boot device order as early as possible to achieve the hull and outfitting design professional to create favorable conditions for synchronization. In accordance with the requirements of the regional shipbuilding and reasonable division of labor to adjust and optimize the design process, and constantly improve the design standards, procedures and working hours management system.
3, deepen the production design. In accordance with the design, production, management integration, the principles of production management departments according to the construction requirements, and comprehensively improve the integration intermediate shell outfitting design integrity of the coating and intermediate product engineering management information integrity.
4, the implementation of shipbuilding planning stage. Through ship construction policy, comprehensive program schedule and other effective means to enhance the design, production, Guan Li and Xie Tiao communication between the front and improve design for manufacturability. Through paper-based simulation of shipbuilding, to eliminate bottlenecks in parts of the production process, while providing detailed production management, technology and accurate volume of information and engineering data. To take full advantage of information technology to develop three-dimensional modeling and simulation of production processes, improve the level of pre-planning.
(C) of the project-oriented, promoting the management of fine
1, to enhance data management. Quantitative data is based on the foundation to achieve managed fine. To establish a standard daily production of field data and feedback system, strengthening the productive sector and the production of timely communication between the design department, through the accumulation, and gradually establish a system, complete and accurate design, production and management data system.
2 strengthen project management. In connection with the business practice, establish and improve project management system, plans to expand coverage, to develop practical management standards, the promotion of program management standardization. The basis of management data to a standard based on full use of computer aided management tools to improve planning and control of the fine level.
3, the implementation of complex skill system. Shipbuilding production process according to designated station, according to station designated positions, according to the skills needs of post configuration, with posts preparation to advanced skill system instead of the traditional types of work organization system, labor organizations, to establish and improve the efficiency of the labor organization system .
4, the implementation of load balancing scheme. Through quantitative estimates of production capacity and quantitative balance of production tasks, to determine the production tasks required number of the best allocation of productive resources, with minimal input for maximum output.
5, as far as possible eliminate waste. To actively carry out cost analysis functions to eliminate redundant design features; to fine idea for shipbuilding process analysis to reduce the production of the various non-value added activities to maximize production efficiency, reduce shipbuilding costs.
(Iv) information technology as a means to promote information integration
1, the implementation of shipbuilding Digital Project. Vigorously promote the design, production, management information sharing platform, the main production from the shipbuilding, design, management started a planned, step by step and gradually establish a process for the integration of information throughout the ship systems for design, production, management and integration and shell, outfitting, coating operations integration.
2, to improve information integration. Strengthening the shipyard and the shipyard, shipyards and design institutes, shipyards and suppliers of information integration, through the Collaborative Internet and other advanced technology to achieve information flow, logistics and value of the stream of highly integrated, progressive realization of the regional design, manufacturing, management digitization of information seamless.
(E) around the shortened shipbuilding cycle, and promote the development of related manufacturing technology
1, the implementation of the total sub-group of shipbuilding methods. In connection with the technological transformation of the total group of sub-allocation of specialized manufacturing space, with large tonnage of lifting equipment, the implementation of the total sub-group of shipbuilding, to expand the volume and weight of the total group to reduce the dock (Taiwan) in the section carrying the workload, the maximum play dock (Taiwan) core production resources.
2, the development of cell assembly, outfitting and modular technology. To vigorously promote the cabin outfitting basin, the whole superstructure of hoisting and other advanced outfitting technology to shorten dock (Taiwan) installation time. Forward in accordance with the principles of outfitting operations, and actively promote the section, the total group of outfitting technology to improve segmentation, the total group into the dock (Taiwan) before the installation of the integrity and the integrity of the ship into the water before the installation.
3, the development of shipbuilding and advanced precision coating technology. To vigorously promote shipbuilding precision management and control technology, to compensate for volume instead of margins, to achieve dock (Taiwan) No margin carrying. Should steel pretreatment line by improving the quality and follow up the operation of coating and other means to reduce the piecewise quadratic rust works, improve coating efficiency.
4, strengthening the dock (Taiwan) method of assembly process. Fast carry around, string (and) United shipbuilding, scaffolding, tooling equipment, tightness test, welding and other key efficiency, development, and applications to increase productivity of shipbuilding new technology and new methods.
(Vi) strengthening basic management, consolidate the foundation of modern shipbuilding mode
1, strengthening the standardization work. Management decision to establish coverage, product development, product design, material logistics, quality control, production and operation of the whole process of integrated business processes on this basis, and gradually form a standardized, detailed management standards, technical standards, operating standards, promote enterprise as a whole systematic business process standardization.
2, to strengthen budget and cost management. Starting from the planning stage to establish, throughout the whole production process, budget system, and gradually form a complete system of cost control. Meanwhile, the stronger when the chemical system, planning systems, data and coding system, labor system, and outsourcing management, site management and other basic work.

5, the relevant security measures
(A) promote the establishment of modern shipbuilding mode improving the work organization system
COSTIND set up a modern shipbuilding mode expert steering group for the industry, sum up experiences, identify problems, establish a modern shipbuilding model for the enterprise to provide guidance. The group, all the enterprises should set up a leading group to promote modern shipbuilding mode, combined with their specific circumstances, to formulate clear objectives and practical mode of promoting the establishment of a modern shipbuilding plan, the implementation of rules and assessment criteria.
(B) strengthen the established leader in modern shipbuilding mode
Enterprise "in charge" should establish a modern shipbuilding mode on their agenda, often decorated, supervision and inspection. To establish an authoritative team, forming the top decision-making, promote effective mechanisms to promote the work of establishing a modern shipbuilding mode depth development.
(C) management technology to increase investment in research and application
To change the emphasis on hardware over software, re-production techniques tend to light management technology, through various channels, to increase shipbuilding production organization and management of the support, keep track of the advanced shipbuilding enterprises of the latest developments, carrying out a modern shipbuilding A prospective study mode, constantly absorbing advanced shipbuilding production of new ideas and new technologies.
(D) To organize the preparation of instructions for establishing a modern shipbuilding mode
To the "15" since the application of modern shipbuilding mode to refine the results, in addressing the specific ways and means of implementation, based on the formation of practical, operational guidance document. Meanwhile, we should strengthen staff training, increase the participation of a modern shipbuilding mode awareness and skill level. Should pay special attention to the corporate senior management and key staff training, give full play to their work in establishing a modern shipbuilding mode key role in leadership and.
Please forward this view related enterprises and localities, new practices, earnestly.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

New accounting standards and tax law differences on how to coordinate

The new accounting standards have been January 1, 2007 became fully implemented in listed companies. Recently in the tax net and other units from China held between the new accounting standards and tax expert seminar, experts discussed from different angles the new accounting standards and tax aspects of various differences and focus around the new accounting standards and tax law causes of the differences that the differences in content and solutions, how to master the new accounting standards, etc were also discussed.

Accounting professor, Sun Jianguo, China's tax chief expert network that will produce accounting standards and tax differences are inevitable problems. First of all, the two are not the same as the objectives to be achieved. Accounting objective is to truly and objectively reflect the financial position, operating results and cash flow, while the main objective of tax laws through fair taxes, fair competition to ensure the realization of revenue. Second, the basic premise of the two different. The four new accounting standards is a prerequisite for accounting entity, going concern, accounting stage and monetary measures. The corporate income tax the taxpayer is different from the accounting entity, but also for income, expenses, assets and liabilities of the recognition, measurement of the time and scope of the differences between temporary and permanent inevitably produce differences. Again, the principles between the two is not the same. In addition to a number of income tax law to follow accounting principles, the main legal principles should adhere to the principle of equity, income and balanced principles, anti-avoidance principle and the principle of administrative efficiency.

"It is precisely because of the existence of differences between accounting and tax law, we will carefully study where different, so we all know how to handle these differences." Fang Beijing National Accounting Institute associate said, "This happens to be our National Accounting Institute and China's tax net services such as consulting, as an important research topic in 2007 is an important cause. "

Central University of Finance and Accounting Institute Professor Yu Yingmin that the promulgation of new accounting standards reflect three major breakthroughs. First, from the domestic system to achieve a breakthrough to international standards. The old accounting standards and accounting systems, generally speaking, the basic system is still based on domestic. But this time, accounting standards issued by the International Accounting Standards adopted consistent with the principles and approach, and has been recognized by the International Accounting Standards Committee. Second, realized from the service manager to service stakeholders breakthrough. The old accounting standards and accounting system is mainly to meet the managers, in particular the needs of the government administration system system. Overall, to meet the higher authorities on the line. But under the new guidelines, they should as far as possible the demands of investors, creditors, managers, regulators and the public need for information from such persons. Third, the new guidelines to achieve a heavier weight long-term development of the current profit breakthroughs. For example, new standards in the recognition, measurement and financial reporting structure, and established the core of the balance sheet in order to limit short-term business. Over the years, the income statement financial statements of the enterprise system has been living in a prominent position, profits as the management of all aspects of corporate performance assessment to measure key indicators of corporate profitability, but it's easy for some companies to leave short-term profit manipulation profit space, and The new accounting standards system highlights the balance sheet of the report system in the central position of the balance required enterprises to enhance the quality of information. Assets less liabilities of enterprises in the balance of the equity increase in circumstances that increase the enterprise value, shareholder wealth and growth, which broke through the traditional concept of pure profit, helped promote the company implementing the scientific development concept, improve asset liability management, optimization of assets and capital structure, improve decision-making level, to avoid focusing only on immediate interests and advance the implementation of income distribution, long-term strategy to fully focus on business and sustainable development.

On the positive role of the new accounting standards, experts agreed that the new accounting standards such as accounting policy choices in research and development costs capitalized into the system, a change in our total cost of R & D requirements, meet the recognized criteria for the expenditure of development activities allow capitalization. This policy will encourage enterprises to increase science and technology and R & D activities Touru, promote technological upgrading and industrial restructuring, Wei 钀藉疄 central authorities of the country through science, encourage their independent innovation of the call, creating a good accounting Zhengce environment, success in the eyes benefit in the long run. Another example, the new accounting standards focus on the protection of economic and social harmonious development of areas in cost accounting, and international technology accordance with a market demand and further improve the cost-compensation system, Gaijin a cost accounting project and Fangfa, firms will Chengdan the disposal of fixed assets obligations of social responsibility accounting system introduced in order to be more scientific, rational, comprehensive cost information to reflect, to ensure that the cost of compensation and workers compensation, to avoid ahead of distribution, the implementation of harmonious development.

New accounting standards and tax law differences between expression? With years of practical experience of Gao Yun Bin revenue from substance over form, prudence, accrual and cash basis of accounting principles and other important new guidelines compared with the differences in tax law content. In his view, both old and new accounting standards and tax laws are differences in the income tax on the more obvious, accounting standards and the income tax system should be more coordination of space.涓浗绋庣綉娑夌◣椋庨櫓鐮旂┒瀹や笓瀹堕檲钀嶇敓璁や负锛岀洰鍓嶇◣鍔¢儴闂ㄥ湪姝ゆ柟闈㈠姩浣滄湁鐐圭◢鎱? He said, because the scope of the implementation of new accounting standards is still limited to listed companies, compared to other companies is the implementation. In other words, you can do can not execute, so the tax sector, there is a policy of transition. In addition, regardless of how changes in the accounting system, tax policy, if unchanged, the taxpayers or tax payments from tax in accordance with accounting principles.

Capital University of Economics Professor Zhang Chunping, Shandong Finance Institute Professor Cai Changfu, the Chinese team of experts Wang Lingdeng tax net policy statement, also in the use of new accounting standards for attention were two tips. First, note that the application of fair value must meet strict preconditions. In accordance with the provisions of the new accounting standards, listed companies should establish and improve related with the fair value of the decision-making system, in strict accordance with the new standards require, carefully selected and appropriate fair value measurement model. To determine the fair value method of valuation assumptions and the main parameters related to the selection of a determined, it should be full disclosure. Meanwhile, for compliance with international practices and China's actual conditions, such as some financial assets and liabilities, exchange and other non-monetary assets, allowing the use of fair value. Made for some media, "the introduction of fair value will significantly increase business risk of profit and loss control, accounting information will lead to chaos" problem, experts think this worry is unnecessary. Because the new guidelines on the use of fair value set many restrictions, so long as the correct grasp, we can accurately and effectively monitor the application.

銆??浜屾槸鍦ㄨ繍鐢ㄤ竴浜涘噯鍒欓」鐩椂锛岃鎶婃彙濂芥斂绛栫晫闄愩? Accounting Standards in the construction of certain significant accounting policies for the appropriate adjustments and improvement of relevant standards of these projects, to grasp the policy limits, the policy is good, with properly. For example, the new guidelines require companies timely provision for asset impairment, impairment loss is recognized, to reflect the true value of the assets, but did not allow the companies make more impairment, but does not allow enterprises to establish a secret preparation, also does not allow pre-identified impairment of long-term assets to be back, but against corporate use of old and new convergence criteria for the occasion, random early reversal of impairment losses, adjusted profit.鍙堝锛屾柊鍑嗗垯鏀瑰彉浜嗙爺鍙戣垂鐢ㄧ殑鍋氭硶锛屽厑璁稿皢閮ㄥ垎寮?彂鏀嚭璧勬湰鍖栦綔涓鸿祫浜х‘璁ゅ垪鎶ャ? This policy will greatly improve the high-tech companies, venture capital enterprises or larger corporate R & D financial position and performance level, encouraging these companies to increase R & D investment. But these expenses must meet stringent recognition criteria, does not allow companies will not meet the requirements of the development expenditure recognized as an intangible asset.瑕佹帉鎻″ソ杩欎簺鍏蜂綋鐨勬斂绛栵紝灏遍渶瑕佷紒涓氳储鍔′汉鍛樺拰鐩稿叧璐d换浜轰弗鏍兼妸鍏筹紝鍒囧疄鎵挎媴璧疯矗浠绘潵銆?br />


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Baidu statistics the first to experience: the promotion of impact assessment papers

1, view the overall flow profile

Key considerations: the general effect of the recent assessment of the overall promotion.

The first step in using Baidu statistics should see the statistical overview of course, it is mainly to the recent site to your overall performance in the flows to their overall condition of a rate.

Traffic trends report: roughly determine the effect of the recent promotion of

Visits: visitors opened the website page for complete access to the number of labels by the end of the page before installing the access of code statistics.

Number of visitors: in one day, to visit your site independent IP number.

Number of new visitors: one day visit your site the first time the different users. If your site has multiple domain names, access different domain can be considered a new visitor to the same user.

Views: the PV, that is repeated on the same page here that is into the total.

Average visit length: Average per-visit the site when the long stay, the total length of visit / visits.

Average access pages: the average number of pages viewed per visit, page views / visits.

Single page visit rate / multi-page access rate: visit a page / several pages from the site visits to the percentage of the total number of visits.

Coaching: Suppose you have recently taken a series of measures to promote the website, you can use traffic statistics to assess the overall effectiveness Recently promoted. Suppose the average visit length, the average number of pages visited growth, that the content of your site attractive to visitors is increasing; assuming that the new growth in visitor numbers to prove your recent promotion of the development of new user may be useful.

2, concerned about the visit of

Key considerations: on the different types of promotional tools for an assessment of the effects have generally.

Into the "source of" following "the source type of report", where you can see that the main source of Web traffic, the general principal is: direct, search engines, other sites.

Traffic Sources report: consideration of the effect of different promotional tools

Click on the "other sites" which can further see how to bring traffic to your website the most.

Coaching: Suppose your site traffic, the "direct" more loyal visitors that your site more, we have to remember the name or add favorites; assume that the statistics come from some other site traffic more You can increase the awareness of co-operation with these sites.

3, analysis of search engine keywords

Key considerations: concern about the search engine traffic to your site contribution.

Switch to the "source of search engine report" page, where you can see from Baidu, Google and other search engine traffic statistics.

The search engines bring traffic to your site comparison

Coaching: from here to know which search engine traffic to your website to help the most, since you can increase the search engine's attention; if you have to do search engine promotion, search engine attention to the corresponding data, to judge and the effects can be roughly .

Click each name for each search engine, you can see the details of search engine traffic, from which key words, respectively by the number of traffic.

Baidu search traffic to the site situation, in which "psp2000 game downloads" into the "flow of the King"

Coaching: focus keyword traffic situation can be analyzed by the habits of your site users to help in the search for targeted promotional efforts, put in key words to choose; and see each keyword in each search engine visits, you can further study the differences among the various search engines.

4, concerned about the conversion rate

Key considerations: For the most important consideration and the effects of the standard, you can see traffic on the real value you bring.

For the promotion of the assessment results, "conversion rate" is one of the most important indicators. If the conversion rate is low, but the volume is high, that many of your site's traffic flow is not valid, the effect of promotion is open to question. How, then, consider the conversion rate?

Must first transform goal setting, open the setup interface, click on "Create target", assuming that your website is a simple business official website, I hope more through official website of the "Contact Us" page to find your phone, that goal setting as follows:

In the "Step 1" fill in the site URL, in the "target" to complete a "Contact Us" page of the URL. And fill out each time such a transformation may be the benefits for you and your expected conversion rate.


For the same site, there are a lot of the transformation can set goals, in addition to contact you outside, such as completing the registration, submit orders, to complete the transaction, message interaction. And for different operating cycles, such a goal is change, such as construction sites early goal is to bring more new traffic, but then increase registration rates, contact rates, turnover rates.

Set up a variety of goals, you will be on track to achieve these objectives, and to assess the effect of your promotion. Tracking approach is simple.

Mode 1: overview of transformation conditions. Click to view the "transformation of the trend report" Here are all the way to the promotion of the conversion rate.

Conversion rate can be directly monitored through the promotion of input-output ratio

Mode 2: Understanding the Transformation of Baidu situation. For Baidu to promote clients, concerned about the effect of this approach to promote the most important factor here. Click to view the "Transformation of Baidu Report", where not only the statistics of the traffic situation, there are times on the conversion, conversion rate, traffic, consumption, income, profits and return on investment statistics, etc., which can be a direct reflection of your promotional investment output ratio.

Comments: The company web site, its traffic is often not big, so in particular, need careful analysis to find key traffic sources, and has targeted to consolidate strengths and strengthen weaknesses. Baidu statistics in this regard a large number of parameters, statistical items to measure, truly quantify the effect of your promotion.

For the conversion rate, you have to do is set the goals as much as possible, and be monitored, and the effects can be objectively considered.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fireworks in the fade in animation production

Fade animation

Use fireworks to do fades, some say that they do not see the real PNG format, the steps, so at this meeting on such a tutorial.
Object fades is firewoks can create one common effect, the two linked frame when inserting objects, one object is set to 0% opacity, the opacity of an object is set to 100%, it can get fades.

Production steps:
1, first create a new file, draw a circle, set in FILL panel edge: feather: 10, feather set in motion the process aimed at the edge would not get stiff, effect. Point in the circle, press the F8 key, select the type: graphic, make it into a symbol.

Second, in the library panel to select the symbol, onto the screen. Repeat the last operation, and again one out. After the delay with the scale tool to pull out of that circle the size of their satisfaction, according to ctrl + a, select the two circles.
Third, align the modiya menu option selected, center vertical and center horizontal look at the various points, two balls in the center of a circle on the alignment. :)
Fourth, select the big circle in the object panel transparency set to 0.
5, to select two instances (ie, circular), the Commission modify the menu in the symbol-> tween instances, fill in the steps you want the number of frames. In this case I chose 3.
6, the effect complete.

Original file edit it

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ever MP3 Music M4P to AAC Ripper

Ever MP3 Music M4P to AAC Ripper is designed for extraction digital audio from cd's. Ever MP3 Music M4P to AAC Ripper copies audio digitally and save as WAV or MP3 on-the-fly with excellent quality and speed. Ever MP3 Music M4P to AAC Ripper can connect to FreeDB to download CD details and save as ID3V2 tags. You can use Name Rules to generate filename using ID3 Tag information such as artist's, track's title and track's number. Audio format conversion is performed directly without any temporary files, and thus enables high converting speed and economy of hard disk resource. You can convert many files in a batch regardless of their source formats and target formats. Right click on files in the Explorer or File Manager, select "Convert to Mp3(or CD, CDA, CD-R, DVD-Audio, AAC, AC3, ID3, M3U, M4A, M4P, MP3 ID3 Tag, OGG, RA, WAV, WMA, MP2, APE, VQF, MPC, AMR, Midi, WAVE, and RM)" and you are brought right into the Audio Converter. This is an very useful feature. This Audio Converter also supports playback of all the audio files with its built-in player. Start downloading the smartest converter now!

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Youtube Video to Flash Pack

It's most popular and very easy to use YouTube tools. helps you Fast download, convert, play, manage your favorite YouTube videos. If you're a YouTube fan, you'll love YouTube tool! is the most powerful YouTube assistant on the planet. YouTube tool easily: 1. Fast downloads YouTube videos, 2. Supports unlimited simultaneous downloads (a real time saver!), 3. Automatically names the downloaded video the same as the YouTube title, 4. Converts YouTube videos to various video formats, including Video, DVD, VCD, AVI, MPG, MPEG, Divx, Xvid, WMV, RM, RMVB, MOV, MP4, 3GP, SWF, DAT, H264, VOB, Flash, PDA, M4V, 3G2, AMV, CDA, DV,QuickTime, ASX, TV, VHS, FLV, H264, BDMV, MAC, Apple TV, Zune, iPod, PDA, PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Mobile Phone, Cell Phone, Blackberry, Wii, Laptops, Printers, Palm OS, Pocket PC, PPC, Treo, Psion, EPOC, iphone.
Easily Convert all popular video formats. Provides the highest speed to download YouTube video. Support unlimited simultaneous downloading tasks. Supports auto-name your downloaded video title as the YoutTube page shows. Offers you the most convenient task management and the easiest control capability. About Conversion Features. - is the most powerful YouTube assistant on the planet.

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